As the DQB we performed the assessment functions defined in the Higher Education Research Act 2017 (HERA). Under the regulatory arrangements in England there was no funding from Government or the OfS to pay for the costs of the activities of the DQB, with the exception of the External Quality Assurance of End-Point Assessment Organisations.

HERA provides for the DQB to charge fees to providers to recover costs arising from activity undertaken in its role. These fee charging powers provide for both an annual fee to each registered provider and fees for individual providers for certain assessment activities.

Section 28 of HERA requires the DQB in England to charge fees that are cost reflective. This means that our fees corresponded only to the cost of performing the assessment functions set out in HERA and we did not recover more than this total cost. Therefore, our fees were set to be reflective of the costs incurred in the delivery of the assessment methods. They were based on those costs which would be reasonably expected to be incurred in the delivery of the assessment functions, and which were directly attributable to the services delivered.

Technical guidance explains more about the payment of fees, with separate guidance available for instances of delayed publication of student numbers and where new providers had joined the Register in year.

Statutory Charging Statements detail the fees we charged providers and how they were calculated.